“Golden Steps ABA was founded in 2018 with a mission to create a successful environment for children through innovation and quality care.”

Mark Wolmark, CEO
We're proud to help children with autism thrive in 13 states and dozens of cities. We've become a nationally respected organization which has touched thousands of lives and improved the outcomes for families and individuals on the autism spectrum.

We achieve this by building innovative, individualized programs and cultivating meaningful, impactful relationships with individuals, families, and communities we serve.

We realize that for our therapist to do their best in helping a child reach their highest levels of potential, we must do our best to provide the most optimal support for our therapists.

We strive to promote belonging and empowerment at work. We listen and engage with our diverse communities, and we value collaboration with our diverse team members and clients.
Meet Some Of Our Team

Our staff is the beating heart behind the helping hand.

Ashley Painter
Regional Clinical Director

Ashley Painter is the company-wide Regional Clinical Director, based in Tennessee.

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Nele Schulze
Clinical Director Massachusetts

Nele is currently in the role of Clinical Director for Massachusetts at Golden Steps.

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Amanda Bissonnette
Clinical Director Georgia

Amanda Bissonnette is the Clinical Director in Georgia. She is in charge of treating children in Georgia.

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Jeron Trotman

Jeron Trotman is a BCBA who works with clients of all ages to help them thrive on the spectrum.

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“It's our shared vision that drives us forward.”

Mark Wolmark, CEO
Results-Based Autism Care

Our Multi-Step Approach Is Proven To Be Effective

Golden Steps ABA is a highly experienced therapy group that provides individualized consultation and intervention services for individuals who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Our behavior specialists utilize scientifically validated strategies, as part of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. We use a multi-step approach to help children overcome challenging behaviors and gain social and communication skills.