The Golden Steps

Fellowship Program​

The Golden Steps fellowship program is a framework of guidance and support aimed at enhancing your career path with a variety of professional development opportunities. In short, we want to give you the opportunity to become the best clinician you can be.

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Are you a behavior technician looking to perfect your skills?

Become an RBT

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Are you a behavior technician looking to perfect your skills?

Golden Steps ABA will help fund your training under a lead RBT and supervising BCBA, facilitating your career growth and taking your skills to the next level. Here’s how:

How It Works

40 Hour Course

Competency Assessment


Are you interested in becoming a BCBA?

Become a BCBA

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The Results

Once you qualify as an RBT, Golden Steps is happy to help you advance towards BCBA certification. We offer:

Free supervision of necessary hours
Assistance in selecting a suitable Masters program
Exam prep assistance to ensure success

BCBA Career Development


At Golden Steps, we pride ourselves on our unique Fellowship Program that caters to qualified BCBAs. With an emphasis on mentoring, we facilitate the interaction between novice and experienced BCBAs allowing for constant communication and support.

Experienced BCBA

We offer the opportunity to engage and mentor new BCBAs, as well as joining our CEU trainings.

Our goal at Golden Steps is to guarantee an opportunity for all our BCBAs to develop into leaders in the ABA field. If you are a growth-oriented BCBA, take the next step – with Golden Steps.