Professional Development Support Programs

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Ignite your professional growth with our comprehensive support programs, empowering aspiring Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) to become certified and assisting them in their journey to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), while providing constant support, a strong framework, reimbursement for courses, and fostering collaboration within our community.


We provide aspiring RBTs with comprehensive support, including reimbursement for the 40-hour RBT course (*depending on your location and state), pairing with an in-house BCBA for competency assessment, and reimbursement for the RBT exam upon successful completion of the assessment, ensuring a solid foundation for their career in Applied Behavior Analysis.


Our Fellowship Program paves a comprehensive pathway for RBTs to advance their careers and attain BCBA certification, providing free supervision for required hours, assistance in selecting a Master's program, exam preparation support. Additionally, we offer unwavering support and mentorship throughout the entire first year, ensuring their success on their journey towards becoming BCBAs.


Our Tuition Discount Program supports employees in their pursuit of BCBA certification by providing discounts for approved Master's degree programs through our  partnerships with Capella University, Ball State University, and Perdue Global. This opportunity empowers our employees to advance their careers and gain expertise in the field of ABA.


As a BCBA at Golden Steps, you will embark on a rewarding career filled with growth and leadership opportunities. With dedicated support from experienced clinical directors, a strong framework for success, CEU reimbursement partnership, and active engagement in monthly interstate BCBA meetings and collaborative events, your professional journey will thrive.

Are you a behavior technician looking to perfect your skills?

Become an RBT

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Are you a behavior technician looking to perfect your skills?

Golden Steps ABA will help fund your training under a lead RBT and supervising BCBA, facilitating your career growth and taking your skills to the next level. Here’s how:

How It Works

40 Hour Course

Competency Assessment


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The Golden Steps

Fellowship Program​

The Golden Steps fellowship program is a framework of guidance and support aimed at enhancing your career path with a variety of professional development opportunities. In short, we want to give you the opportunity to become the best clinician you can be.

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The Results

Once you qualify as an RBT, Golden Steps is happy to help you advance towards BCBA certification. We offer:

Free supervision of necessary hours
Assistance in selecting a suitable Masters program
Exam prep assistance to ensure success
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Are you interested in becoming a BCBA?

Become a BCBA

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BCBA Career Development


At Golden Steps, we pride ourselves on our unique Fellowship Program that caters to qualified BCBAs. With an emphasis on mentoring, we facilitate the interaction between novice and experienced BCBAs allowing for constant communication and support.

Experienced BCBA

We offer the opportunity to engage and mentor new BCBAs, as well as joining our CEU trainings.

Our goal at Golden Steps is to guarantee an opportunity for all our BCBAs to develop into leaders in the ABA field. If you are a growth-oriented BCBA, take the next step – with Golden Steps.

"Flexible schedule, tremendous support from upper management, pay, benefits, communication."

Current Employee

"The BCBA and RBT’s that work with my son are amazing! They have an understanding and way of teaching us how to work through his behaviors."

Melissa Goin

"I have seen lots of progress with my son in the past 2 years while getting ABA therapy through Golden Steps."

Alexis White

"Absolutely love Golden Steps. I'm a current employee and all the staff have been supportive and amazing!"

Alyssa Nyilas

"Flexible hours, great communication, amazing team behind the scenes, truly get to focus on RBTs and clients."

Current Employee

"Great communication with team, put a great amount of thought and time into employee and client satisfaction with the company."

Current Employee

"We have been using Golden Steps for almost a year now, we love our RBT and our BCBA. They are very helpful and flexible. They are both very knowledgeable as well."

Elizabeth Sowers

"Our team has been wonderful! My son has bonded with his therapist and enjoys their sessions. He has improved socially and behaviorally."

Brittany Wright

"Golden Steps has changed our lives!! We have the very best RBT’s and BCBA. We are able to go to school longer and be in the community more."

Velissa Smith

"Genese was super Kind and helpful over the phone. She went above and beyond to help me with my needs. I definitely recommend and give her all the praise in the world!"

Bridge Thompson