Evidence based strategies to change the lives of children with Autism.

Give your child personalized ABA therapy to help them receive the building blocks of a brighter future and take golden steps.

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aba therapy at home for children with autism
Personalized ABA Therapy

We're helping children overcome behavioral challenges with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

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Inside Our Clinic

DISCLAIMER: All video footage of children and therapists featured in this video was recorded with full consent from the parents or legal guardians of the children depicted. Golden Steps ABA is committed to respecting privacy and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws regarding the depiction of individuals in media.

"The BCBA and RBT’s that work with my son are amazing! They have an understanding and way of teaching us how to work through his behaviors."

Melissa Goin

"I have seen lots of progress with my son in the past 2 years while getting ABA therapy through Golden Steps."

Alexis White

"Absolutely love Golden Steps. I'm a current employee and all the staff have been supportive and amazing!"

Alyssa Nyilas

"Flexible schedule, tremendous support from upper management, pay, benefits, communication."

Current Employee

"Flexible hours, great communication, amazing team behind the scenes, truly get to focus on RBTs and clients."

Current Employee

"Great communication with team, put a great amount of thought and time into employee and client satisfaction with the company."

Current Employee

"We have been using Golden Steps for almost a year now, we love our RBT and our BCBA. They are very helpful and flexible. They are both very knowledgeable as well."

Elizabeth Sowers

"Our team has been wonderful! My son has bonded with his therapist and enjoys their sessions. He has improved socially and behaviorally."

Brittany Wright

"Golden Steps has changed our lives!! We have the very best RBT’s and BCBA. We are able to go to school longer and be in the community more."

Velissa Smith

"Genese was super Kind and helpful over the phone. She went above and beyond to help me with my needs. I definitely recommend and give her all the praise in the world!"

Bridge Thompson

Meet Some Of Our World-Class Therapy Team

Ashley Painter
Regional Clinical Director

Ashley Painter is the company-wide Regional Clinical Director, based in Tennessee.

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Nele Schulze
Clinical Director Massachusetts

Nele is currently in the role of Clinical Director for Massachusetts at Golden Steps.

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Jeron Trotman

Jeron Trotman is a BCBA who works with clients of all ages to help them thrive on the spectrum.

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Kellie VanAssche
Clinical Quality Assurance Team Member

Kellie is an experienced BCBA who works with our BCBAs to ensure that our quality is up to perfect standard.

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Golden Steps brings life-changing autism care to children who need it

Encountering a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is not easy. There is a new set of challenges that necessitate a unique roadmap. Your child can benefit from a specific methodology to thrive.

Overcoming Challenging Behaviors
We use ABA therapy to assist children in overcoming behaviors that challenge their ability to navigate and flourish in social, educational and home settings.
Tracking Progress For Meaningful Growth
We track your child's progress, encourage their growth, and applaud them when they inevitably succeed. Our team takes notes during care sessions.
aba therapy for autism

Are you a behavior technician looking to perfect your skills?

Golden Steps ABA will help fund your training under a lead RBT and supervising BCBA, facilitating your career growth and taking your skills to the next level.

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Join our growing team of best-in-class BCBAs and RBTs

Golden Steps ABA provides ABA therapy for tens of thousands of children in the U.S, and we'd love for you to join our passionate team.

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In-depth training
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Spotlight on Success: Golden Steps ABA's Transformative Approach on Indiana TV

This April, in honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Golden Steps ABA made a special appearance on a local Indiana TV station, bringing light to the transformative impact of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children on the autism spectrum.

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Inside our Clinic

Golden Steps ABA is a provider of personalized ABA therapy for children diagnosed with autism.

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MEDIA RELEASE - ABA Therapy Services Available at Turnstone

Golden Steps ABA is a highly experienced therapy group that provides individualized consultation and intervention services for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)...

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