Putting it together

What we do

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is scientific evidence approach that examines an individual’s interactions and responses within their environment and seeks to develop new skills and replace undesirable behaviors. Using researched-based interventions, behavior therapists provide helpful alternatives to reduce undesirable behaviors, enhance social interactions, increase communication, and improve the life skills of individuals with Autism.


The assessment will be conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Immediately after authorization from your insurance provider. Utilizing research-based assessment tools, the BCBA will observe and assess your child’s skills and behaviors with an approximate evaluation time between 1.5 – 3 hours.

The Results

The assessor will write an individualized treatment plan that includes skill development goals and behavioral strategies, make and recommendation of therapy hours, and submit the report for approval from your insurance. A treatment authorization will follow, allowing for the start of therapy services

Home-Based Therapy

Individualized ABA therapy in the comfort of your home helps your child master new skills in a familiar and natural environment. For children that spend most of their time in the home, home-based therapy can enhance the overall family dynamics and provide a great foundation for your child’s development.

The Results

Your child gains awareness and independence they can generalize, allowing them to improve functioning in the family unit and social environments.

Clinic-Based Therapy

Our highly trained therapists target communication, social skills, and maladaptive behaviors in our state-of-the-art facilities. ABA therapy in the clinic setting allows children the opportunity to engage with and learn alongside peers, while receiving 1:1 therapy in a highly structured and supportive environment. In addition, our clinics provide social skills groups, advanced communication development, and school readiness programs, within small groups of children of similar age and skill.

The Results

Your child will gain the skills and abilities to integrate, navigate, and interact in a group setting within various environments.

Parent Training

We educate parents and empower them with tools and strategies they can implement in response to their child’s behaviors and needs. Parent participation and feedback are paramount to the success of our work, and we rely on their input for goal selection, monitoring progress, and maintaining consistency. Our clinicians offer guidance and consultation to parents throughout every step of therapy.

The Results

With integrating therapy goals in the home, parents create stability for their child and maximize the opportunity for long-term success.

In School/Community Support

Our experienced clinical team will partner with your child’s school/daycare to develop effective programs that incorporate the methodologies of ABA. Our clinicians develop comprehensive plans that target social integration and challenging behavior in the academic environment. We collaborate with teachers and support staff to assist with and monitor your child’s development to ensure an optimal learning experience.

The Results

In-school/community services by an ABA therapist ensures consistency across providers to maximize learning, social development, and increase opportunities for sustained progress toward therapy goals.

Telehealth Services

With parental consent our staff utilizes videoconferencing technology to provide remote assessment, training, and therapy services. Once your insurance provider confirms coverage for telehealth services, we can easily connect using a secured tablet, computer, or smartphone. Our clinicians deliver therapy services, session supervision, and parent consultation using user friendly video technology that doesn’t compromise on service quality.

The Results

Gain access to quality services from wherever you are.