My Child Was Just Diagnosed With ASD. What Comes Next?

Has your child recently been diagnosed with autism? Is this your first experience with ABA therapy? Have you previously received ABA therapy and are looking for a new provider ?

Having your child diagnosed with Autism can prove to be challenging and confusing. We’re here to help you navigate the details and access the tools you need to see your child succeed.​

Initiating The Therapy Process

Upon diagnosis, be sure to receive a prescription for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy from your pediatrician. With the prescription in hand, you can reach out to our support staff and start your journey towards achievement.
Our team will then go ahead to determine your eligibility for services by contacting your insurance provider. Once approved, we will schedule a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) with your family, to be completed by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The assessment will include a parent interview, observation of your child in their usual environment, and data collection, that will be gathered in a report and submitted to your healthcare provider for authorization.

With confirmed approval, the assigned BCBA will develop an individualized treatment plan and services will begin with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).

Golden Steps has helped hundreds of children affected by autism. We work closely with our families to create an environment that allows them to achieve by focusing on their specific goals and priorities.