How Much Does ABA Therapy Cost?

Most of the time, ABA therapy is covered by insurance, which means you won't pay the full cost out-of-pocket.

How Much Does ABA Therapy Cost?

ABA therapy costs can vary depending on many factor including the the child’s abilities, the location, and and the amount of hours needed. Some service providers charge by the hour while others may charge a daily or weekly fee. However, it is good to get the general idea of how much these services cost before you choose a provider.

Most of the time, ABA therapy is covered by insurance, which means you won't pay the full cost out-of-pocket. If you have Medicaid, then ABA therapy usually won't cost you anything. For a full list of which insurance providers cover ABA therapy, click here.

What Affects the Cost?

All children with autism are different. All children have differing needs that vary depending on their skills, educational and communication abilities. Some children have a severe form of autism. Others may have far milder symptoms. This can affect how much ABA treatment your child will need and the ensuing costs.

Another factor that impacts the cost of your child's ABA treatment is where you live. Some locations have a high number of trained ABA therapists. Others may only have a few therapists.

Some places have more children with autism than other parts of the country. There may be a waiting list to see a therapist or there may be openings for your child immediately.

The number of hours your child needs to work with an ABA therapist can also vary greatly. Some children with autism will benefit from a full forty hours of treatment every week for at least several years.

Others do just fine when they have between ten and twenty hours with a therapist each week. That can also impact the kind of costs you can expect to pay for ABA therapy.

Many ABA therapists are willing to negotiate wages depending on varied circumstances. A less experienced but equally good therapist may charge a lot less.

Certain other factors can also have an impact on the cost of your child's ABA therapy. This includes the amount of time the child will need to have the therapy. It also includes where the therapy is going to take place.

Some therapists have a dedicated office that is all about working with your child in a specially constructed space while others work with other therapists in a group setting. Some trained ABA therapists may even come to your home or work with your child in an educational setting.

What are the Most Supportive States for ABA Treatment?

Some states offer parents direct support for parents of children with autism.

California provides parents with grants to afford access to therapy. Grants are not dependent on age or cost. They are available to all California residents.

Parents in Colorado can expect their insurance company to be required by law to cover all of the costs of ABA therapy for their dependents at any age.

Indiana is another state that also offers parents of children with autism the right of access to ABA therapy without regard to costs or age. This applies to all state residents.

In New Jersey, parents who have children with autism can apply for varied types of grants to help with the costs of treatment. This applies to children under twenty-one. At least one parent must be a resident of the state to qualify for grants.

New York state officials will cover about $45,000 in costs for children with autism in need of ABA therapy. This applies to any person with autism of any age.

The state of Vermont is another state that covers all children with autism who are in need of ABA therapy. This coverage applies to all children up to the age of twenty-one.

How to Approach and Fund ABA Therapy

There are many ways to think about how to find funding to help your child afford ABA therapy. It's a good idea to think about multiple sources of funding rather than looking to a single place for help with the costs of treatment. This is a good way to ensure that many of your costs are covered. If one source does not cover all of the costs, another source can be of use to help fill the gap.

State-funded ABA Therapy Funding

State governments are required by law to cover the cost of treatment for children with special needs. This includes educational assistance. Some states will cover all or part of the costs of paying for ABA treatment for children with autism.

Keep in mind that many states will offer at least some fiscal help designed to help pay for the costs of ABA therapy.

Any parent in search of help should contact their local and state government officials. They can help them figure out what kind of assistance might be available for their child from the state and how to get access to it.

ABA Therapy Funded by Insurance Companies

There's some very good news when it comes to insurance companies and the costs of ABA therapy. Certain states mandate coverage of ABA therapy for children with autism. That means if you live in some states, your insurance plan will be required under state mandates to cover at least some of the costs of the ABA therapy

The insurance company will not cover all of the costs of the ABA therapy. You'll still be on the hook for a deductible. The amount of the deductible can vary greatly. You still might be required to pay anywhere from $10 per ABA session to as much as $50 per session.

If your child is getting ten hours a week of ABA therapy, your costs may be as little as $200. That is one way to keep the costs of therapy low and still allow your child to have the treatment they need.

If you can't afford the deductible, you may be eligible for additional state aid. Some states will help with ABA funding you can't afford to pay on your own. So if you have $10,000 in yearly ABA costs, the state may agree to pick up the table for these costs for you.

School-funded ABA Therapy

Another tool you can use to help fund your child's ABA therapy is your local school district. There are school funded ABA therapists. Bear in mind your child will likely need to be assessed first in order to find out the district deems them in need of these services.

If your child is approved for this therapy, you can expect the school district to cover all of the costs. They will hire the ABA therapist for your child. Then the therapist will develop a plan to help your child when they are attending school.

ABA Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Another possibility that you can use to fund ABA therapy is to look for financial assistance. You can also look for scholarships. Some scholarships are specifically aimed at helping children who are in need of this therapy but lack the financial support necessary to get it. It's a good idea to consider more than one possibility.

One grant may cover only a certain number of hours each week for your child. An additional scholarship can fill in any gaps and help you afford all of the treatment. If you meet certain income guidelines you may also be eligible for additional direct assistance.

ABA Therapy Through Private Payment

Some employers provide their employees with access to funds to cover part or all the costs of ABA therapy. An employer may also be of help to negotiate a lower rate for the cost of the therapy. In some instances, the employer may offer help in the form of a sliding scale. Employees who earn less pay less for the cost of the treatment. Many employees are delighted to find how much this can lower the average cost of treatment. Speaking to your employer about such benefits can help clarify exactly what they cover for your child.



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