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Did Steve Jobs Have Autism Or Asperger's?

Even though Steve Jobs never acknowledged having autism, he clearly demonstrated traits of high-functioning autism.

Did Steve Jobs Have Autism?

did steve jobs have autism

Apple Co founder, Steve Jobs, never publicly acknowledged having autism or asperger's, but he clearly demonstrated significants traits of high-functioning autism.

Steve Jobs was the face of Apple and also the person most unlikely to succeed. Jobs was a college dropout who cofounded Apple in his garage.

In 1976, Apple created and marketed the macintosh. Apple ended up becoming the leading force in the acceleration of a global tech industry which has transformed our world in many ways.

At his death, Steve Jobs' net worth was estimated to be approximately $10.2 billion.

So, even though we aren't certain if Steve Jobs had autism or asperger's, we can assume based on his extreme focus, behaviors, and concentration, he had high-functioning autism.



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