A Parent’s Role in ABA Therapy

Repetition and consistency are at the core of the learning experience for children with Autism. We aim for all the adults in the child’s environment to collaborate towards the same goals and offer consistent responses to the child’s behaviors. With predictable outcomes, children with Autism grow to feel comfortable and more readily practice what they have learned.

At Golden Steps, we value and encourage participation in your child’s therapy. This will enable your child to develop self-control and internalize the impact and consequences of their behavior. At the same time, you will develop helpful strategies to effectively encourage, discipline, and guide them through daily living. Our therapists are eager to offer an overview of ABA principles to parents and caregivers, so that they can sustain therapy goals when the child is not in session.

When parents, caregivers, and teachers do not actively take part in the ABA process, the results are apparent. Having a consistent steady approach is imperative to the learning experience as well as the home environment.

The same situation can play out in the child’s academic setting. If a teacher has not implemented ABA strategy to avoid undesirable behaviors or does not follow through because of a lack of time or energy, the child be both disruptive and unproductive in the classroom.

Why not choose positive reinforcement and satisfaction, over frustration and disappointment? Our dedicated BCBAs and RBTs are passionate about seeing you effectively manage your child’s behavior, and will be patient in guiding you to improved family functioning with less stress. They will provide useful techniques to create household structure, encourage your child’s skills development, and enhance communication.

Our goal is to support and empower our families. We work tirelessly to share the joy of seeing our children succeed in the areas they are most challenged. With united effort, we can.