Golden Steps ABA is a highly specialized and experienced group of autism therapy professionals providing autism and ABA therapy services. We provide individual consultations and intervention services for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the Nashville area.


ABA, an acronym for Applied Behavior Analysis, is a widely recognized form of evidence based therapy that applies techniques based on principles known to foment positive development in children with learning disabilities and challenging behaviors. One of the main strategies employed in ABA Therapy is positive reinforcement, for example. ABA Therapy in Nashville is considered an effective, evidence based autism treatment for individuals on the autism spectrum.


There are many ways in which kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) differ from other typically developing children such as the ways they react to environmental factors and circumstances as well as the way they learn. Each unique child has his or her own, individual strengths, challenges and skills which is why we never take a one size fits all approach. We carefully consider and address their personal ways of processing, behaving and socializing. Our methods were formed with the purpose of meeting individual needs and goals. Our team works with teachers and therapists in a child’s school so correlated therapies and specific methodology can be incorporated and implemented along with the curriculum. This ensures that the children we work with will have long lasting results.


The ABA Therapy Services at Golden Steps ABA include:

  • School Based Support – This kind of support puts Golden steps ABA staff and your child’s school staff hand in hand to partner and collaborate on developing effective educational programs using proven principles and methodologies at ABA as their foundation. This helps successfully integrate our methods and principles into your child’s curriculum.
  • Home Based ABA Therapy– This service brings customized ABA Therapy into the comfort of your own home. This is often beneficial to clients as it is a safe, familiar space to work in. Our ABA Therapy team members work with your child on improving communication skills, social skills, academics, and reinforce positive behaviors as well as increased focus.
  • Parent Training – This service empowers parents to respond appropriately to their child’s special actions and needs with the best strategies and tools. We share our methods and knowledge with parents, teaching them and participating family members how to effectively impact their child’s development in ways that yield positive results.
  • Functional Assessment – This service works to determine your child’s child’s strengths, challenges and best learning methods via a comprehensive functional assessment.


Because of our ability to uphold high quality standards, our clients have continued to place their trust in our team and our methods. The Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) that comprise our group of professionals achieved their titles only through the completion of intensive graduate programs in a related discipline. They came to us with extensive experience working in the field of autism and also share our passion for it. These staff members have also passed a rigorous exam approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) and have master’s degrees in Psychology with specializations in Applied Behavior Analysis. The Golden Steps ABA team members have been carefully selected and their specific education and skills were part of the criteria when bringing them on to the team. We take pride in a fully committed, professional, friendly and experienced group of analysts who believe our work will make a difference and lasting positive impacts on the lives of our clients. Overseeing and managing our BCBA’s is a senior clinical supervisor that monitors the work being done and ensures that Golden Steps ABA gold standards of care are being upheld in everything we do.


Beyond focusing on the individual child, our team also works to support families looking for treatment options for autism in children. We extend our knowledge and guidance to other family members so they can be empowered to navigate their child’s positive development. A child diagnosed with autism relies on their closest support unit, their family and it is imperative that they are capable of delivering that support. We believe in including family in the therapy so they can understand what is being done and how to apply the right strategies and techniques when our staff are not present. As well as a BCBA and Behavior Therapist, each client is assigned a family care coordinator who works directly with the family, ensuring each client receives the best quality of service.


The driving force behind our ABA professionals on staff is a personal calling and a common goal to improve the quality of life for every client and his or her family. We achieve this by supporting and guiding their positive growth. In your child’s journey, every “first” is important – first expressions, first communications, first affection, or the mastery of a skill. We’re here to celebrate these moments right alongside you.